Need a fuel pressure regulator

Tried everything timing, everything, bike dies when you try and ride over 45 it coughs and spudders.

First off what is the history of this problem?
Has the bike been sitting for a long time,or has this problem just appeared after the bike running fine?
Any other symptoms,like the tacho fluctuating or stopping working at certain rpm?

Bike was bought on eBay…I know, I’ve redone almost everything looks great and low end runs fine, it’s when you try and give it the gas over like 40 it makes sound like it’s coughing and sputters like it’s not getting gas. The fuel pump is working fine shoots fuel across the room when hose off. Timing checked, fuel tank cleaned, I’m thinking fuel pressure regulator. Any thoughts or idea where I can get one, even a substitute one.
Thank you

There is no fuel pressure regulator on these bikes,sounds like your carbs need stripped and thoroughly cleaned.I had a similar issue with the first Boldor I bought,it had sat under a tarpaulin in a garden for 3 years.We had it up and running in no time but wouldn’t pull past 50mph.
A session with the ultrasonic bath cured that


I have the cx650turbo
Yes it has a fuel pressure regulator
Carbs all synced and timing good

The CX will have a fuel pressure regulator as it is injected,the VF however does not.
The carbs may well be in sync,this is set up while running on the pilot circuit,your problem seems to be on part throttle when it’s running on the needle/main jet.

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