Need right hand fork bottom Fast, my one is dead after it would not disasemble

Does anyone have the right bottom fork for a vf1000fe 1984

it had to be done no way out of it
will pay fast postage as it was tested on last monday MOT i want it on the road this year
going to fitt new bushes this time,which is what i should have done last time

call me on 07980338838

Sorry Windy, cant help other than I’m going to be in Suffolk tomorrow afternoon so could take one with me from Swindon if one turns up in the south / south west between now and lunchtime on Saturday.


if you get lucky and find one I could drive to you in suffolk
call me or txt me I have a TomTom 25 satnav, I could find you

cheers for trying

Hi windy, just looked in shed and I have a pair of forks that are similar but the mudguard mounts are different but I do have the pair if you are interested.


cheers for the offer but i will find the correct one as is not going to match the bike :frowning:

Hi windy…
I have a right hand fork slider… im 99.9 percent sure its an fe. The brackets are the correct way up…if you pm me your number ill “what’s app” you some pics…I will be heading to Suffolk with marmite tomorrow if you want to pick it up.

yes please

when and where an i will has some cash

lloyd in Norwich

we will be arriving at the Sycamore park campsite, lieston, theburton Ip164ra some time around 2.00 on saturday afternoon, we should be there for a few hours before we head out to find a suitable pub…
On the sunday morning we will be heading to the David silvers honda museum, unit 14 masterlord industrial estate, lieston, Ip164jd…

ill send you my number and some pics of the slider…

thanks to pete for finding a replacement bottom right shock
mutch apreciated :slight_smile: 8)