need vf 1000 f2 Manual ------ nice when german


where can I get a Manual for the Vf 1000 F2, SC15, for computer (Pdf or other)

i only found some old books for the 1000F in Ebay, but I have 1000F2 and search for a cheaper option, this books costs 80 Euro

I hear from Maniacmotors (here in Germany) there shoud be some Service manual Cd´s, but he can delivery it at Time


We only have the 1000FE manual in PDF format for download from the site. I know we have a paper copy of the F2 manual too but have not scanned it yet. Have you looked at the FE manual? What is it you need help with, perhaps someone here can assist?

Peter - auch in deutschland seit zwei monat, aber meine deutsch is nicht so gut!

Hello Peter.

Some Things are different at the F2 Model, i know the other download, thank you

Hallo Peter

ich schreib trotzdem in englisch, is ja kein deutesches Board, die Anleitung wär gut, nur hab ich übersetzungsprobleme, dazu sind Kleinigkeiten anders

Was treibt dich in die BRD?