Needle bearing type in swing arm and levers

Hi everone,

Just brought the frame and some other parts to repaint (powder paint, see!

Now I’m preparing the remonting of all the parts when I get the frame back. But I have two problems:

First question:
Can anyone tell me which type of needle bearings are used in the left swing arm pivot and in the two levers relating swingarm to the shock absorber?

What I saw:
The two needle bearings in the part 52460-MB6-000 (called ‘Rod Assy., Shock Connection’) is labeled as NTN 7E-HKK 1525. I had a look on NTN’s japanese home page, but in the needle bearing catalogue ( I couldn’t find this designation!!!
-> Can anyone tell me which of NTN’s bearings are ok or which of any other manufacturers are ok?

I guess that in the part 52470-MB6-000 the needle bearings are the same type? -> Correct???

-> And what about the needel bearing 91071-MB2-701, does anyone know NTN’s offical designation? Or knows a substitute?

Second question:
How did you get them off???

Thx for any answer!!!



I replaced the needle bearing in the swing-arm (910710-MB2-701)and I’m pretty certain it was an NTN 2020 (20 mm shaft diameter, 20 mm width and 26 mm outside diameter) _ I’ll try to find the receipt to be 100% certain…

If you’re not sure about bearing sizes/designations, try the bearing catalogue at
You can use this catalogue to match the actual bearing size against the catalogue description and find the Timken code (much easier than the NTN code).

To get these bearings out you need a “needle bearing extractor” It’s a modified slide hammer with a set of adaptors that slide inside the bearing and then expand. Once fitted, you use the slide hammer to pull the bearing out… However… I had to go to an engineering workshop to get mine removed as it was corroded and required a LOT of work to get it out…

Much cheaper then a new swing-arm though…


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