New addition to the fold

latest purchase a bit of work and hopefully she is good to go

Welcome Martin,looks like a bargain you have there.
Looking forward to meeting up at Hulme End on Friday
Regards Bif

hi martin,
welcome to the forum, thats a nice looking ff, the red and silver ones seem to be a bit of a rarity these days, any idea what the exhaust cans came off…
bloody hell bif… is it only six more days to hulme end, ill have to get my finger out and get the rack back on the vf…
catch you all there.

Hi Martin, that’ll create some confusion - 2 Martin’s on the forum with FF’s. She looks good mate and lovely to think that’s another one being saved from oblivion.
Hulme End … I was desperately trying to get my FF ready for next weekend ( that b…y oil leak from underneath) and had her up on blocks so I could tend to her nether regions and the bloody things fell off its main stand. What a prize plonker I hear you all cry but anyway the end result is a smashed windscreen and hurt pride. So plan B is to get the CX650 back on the road for Hulme End. :-[ :o :’(

Hi Martin,
here we call your adventure “un Randy” in reference to Randy de Puniet -former French moto GP contender- who always fell of his bikes without hurting him seriously but with a lot of class…

In a true Randy, your ego must be the main victim…


Vfpete think they are of a cbr but will be coming of and getting replaced
Looking forward to meeting everyone at Hume end

Update on the ff
Got keys cut and they fit :grimacing: Clutch now working and new stainless bolts in covers thanks John
Car goes up for sale this weekend then the ff can get housed in the garage and the fun can begin need to get a battery first and see what happens fingers crossed engine is ok