New Aussie member plus a question or 3!

Hiya guys. I only recently bought forum member pberkhoutxr630’s VF1000FE as a restoration project. The bike (was registered and runs well), a spare bike (no fuel tank) and a stripped motor all bought for the princely sum of AUD$1300.
My intent is to rebuild the runner with my 14YO son and then, maybe, build up the rolling chassis/spare motor.
I will post photos along the way to show my son’s handy work off. Thus far he has learned to cut and grind metal and MIG weld in order to build an engine stand.
Anyway, I’m happy such a four exists as it provided me with heaps of info before I even viewed Paul’s bike. As they say, forearmed is forewarned!
A couple of questions if I may.

  1. Are the frame and engine numbers matched on these bikes? Reason being, I have the (supposed) original engine from the HO which doesn’t match the frame number and neither do the numbers in the spare bike. It seems too coincidental that both bike original motors don’t match the frame #s.
  2. Has anyone sourced new dial needles given they appear to have a propensity to break. No wonder, given they are spindly shanks beyond the spindle area. I have a load of instruments that I got from Paul and am trying a few plastic options to make new gauge needles. I there an easier option out there?
  3. I see that the fuel tank has a number of inbuilt and inaccessible filters. Are these a problem if I want to line the tank with Red Kote or a similar tank liner?
  4. I noticed fuel pumps available on eBay for about AUD$50 but the outlet s are straight. Has anyone use these or have you just persisted with gravity feeds.

I think that will do for now.

hi rob,
welcome to the forum, i had wondered where paul and the Ho had disapeared to, and weather the ho had ever really recovered after its altication with a cow… :o
i can answer a couple of your questions, the engine and frame numbers dont match on the vf1000…
the fuel tanks can be resealed, i did one myself last year, i think i wrote about it in my “project ff/fe” thread… there are 2 internal filters in the fuel tank, you wont have any problems with the main one as it sits about an inch above the tank base, the reserve one is tucked away down the side of the tank where it starts to narrow, this one could possibly be an issue,
when i did mine i poured the sealer in through the fuel gauge hole at the bottom of the tank then slowly rolled it around until all the upper and sides were covered, then flipped the tank over coating the bottom with what was left…

Welcome Rob, If VFpete or Biff don’t have the answer - no-one has, so you’re in good hands. I’m sure your lad will be keen to see the inside of that big V4. Good luck.