new boy says gday

hi from bear58 iam 51 father of 8 and the proud owner of a 1985 vf1000ff with 14,500kms on the clock in the 3 mths i have her i have rebuilt the starter motor fitted fork seals lubed everything that moves. now she has rego and i can now start to enjoy her but she has rattel in topend and i think the valves need adjusting as the rattel speedes up and slow,s with the revs and dosent fade at revs or as the motor warms i dont think its the cams anyway i will post pic,s as soon as i work out how . keep it shiny side up ill catch you on the flip side

Hiya Bear, Had an 86 FF when they were new!! Got an FE now to restore. Have a good nose around the site(if anyone’s in!)and get a pic up!