New forum software

Logged in ok with new forum software, looks much better.

Great stuff.

Great looking new forum Peter.

yep, logged in and posted no problems

Must say looking a lot better on new site, well done …

As I said somewhere else, nice work! Thank you!

Oh eck. I,m too old for all these changes. Itll take me ages to get with the program. Well done to whoever is responsible and the main thing is that the majority prefer it. :-\


Looks good to me too.

Didn’t take long for the SPAM bots to start causing problems, apologies if you have been notified of new forum messages which were SPAM, I have increased the registration security to try and prevent it.

One thing I miss when scanning through the messages in the new forum is where the person who`s posting is from. ( like it used to)
Any one else like to see that included ?


Good point Martin, particularly in the for sale/wants area.

Or we could just put our location in the signature or personal text fields?
I guess it depends on the member to decide if they want their location known.

Hi Fellas,

I just posted a photo of the “HO’s” highway pegs for William in ‘oil usage’ and was impressed on how easy it was.
Good job Guys.