New From Staffordshire

Just discovered this site through Facebook :wink:
Last night I went to pick up my latest project from darkest Cheshire, a 1985 VF1000f. It will need a healthy amount of work to get back on the road again but after only paying £400 I didn’t expect too much.
I’ve got a little experience with the VF range having previously owned a VF1000r about twenty years ago and I also built a Vf750f Freddie Spencer rep a couple of years back which I still own alongside a TRX850 Sarron rep and a BMW R1100s…
The poor VF will have to languish in the back of the van till the weekend until I get chance to clear a bit of space in the garage so I can strip it and see whats what :wink:
It won’t be a quick rebuild but I intend to get it up and running on a bit of a shoestring budget…wish me luck.

hi cakeman,
welcome to the forum, good luck with the vf, im glad theres someone else out there who thinks it cool to drive around for a week or two with a vf for company in the back of the van…note to myself “i need more garage space”

Cheers… After a very quick inspection (in the back of the van lol) the main parts that need addressing (apart from cosmetics) appear to be the fairing frame, that for some strange reason has been hacked about, and the silencers are well and truly shot, I’ll have to wait until I have a bit more space to strip it and see what state the cams are in…fingers crossed.

nice to see another heading for the road :slight_smile:

Here’s hoping :slight_smile: I’ll try and dig out a picture of my vf750 Freddie Spencer replica I built a couple of years ago that had a feature in Practical Sportsbike mag… Here’s a pic of last years project, my TRX850 Sarron Replica.

Here’s a pic of the 750…Built (like all my bikes) on the cheap as spare cash is really tight, came in at £1500 including original purchase price :wink:

Richard, you can be justifiably proud of your TRX and VF750, they look superb. The way I look at the VF’s is that its only a matter of time before the “Classic” brigade ( or sheep if you like) realise that the VF 1000’s and VF500’s are still sitting at their “bike value” and not yet been inflated to “investment” status - whatever that means. The 750 has gone already even though arguably that model was what started the VF slide from favour all those years ago. I used to buy CX500’s for a couple of hundred pounds with people looking at me sideways as I did. Now of course they have become collectable even though nothing has changed about them.
Keep it up fella.

Welcome @cakeman!

I think I saw that issue of PSB with the VF in it - top skills!

Looking forward to you extensively illustrated (hint, hint) rebuild thread. ;D