new guy looking for 86 vf1000r

hello all

i am new to the site and as of right now i do not own a vf1000. i do however own a 04 goldwing and a newly restored 81 CBX. i am thinking about another project and the 86 vf1000r really caught my eye. i don’t know a lot about them but have been reading up on them. i know about the gear driven cams and the talk about cam issues etc. i have an 86 in my city that i am arranging to go look at and was wondering if anybody could give me tips on what to look for and what may point to a bad bike? the seller says it has 61000 miles which scares me but says it runs great. it appears to be missing the little black side-covers that say “gear driven cams” on them so i am hoping i can find those somewhere? it doesn’t look TOO bad in the photos but i cant be sure until i see and hear it in person. any tips??? FYI i am on the west coast of canada.

thanks guys (and girls)

Hi Kent, Im not an authority on the R models but in many ways if this one youre going to look at has done that many Ks - its long past the cam lubrication issues and is probably just needing the normal checks on its service history. As youll know from your existing Honda experience, they do need regular oil changes to remain healthy.
Welcome to the forum and let us know how you get / got on.

p.s. I`ve been to Vancouver from Seattle some years ago. Did the obligatory whale watching which was amazing. Wonderful place.