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Hey everyone. I’ve been lurking here in and out since I bought my VF1000R. I spend a lot of the time over on; however, I need a bit more specialized help in the garage category. Hope to learn bunches from you guys!

welcome in mate[;)]

This is not a reply but an introduction just like xtasyarmada. I know nothing about forms, this is my first, I doubt if i will be able to post photos (don’t know how) but I also bought a shabby VF1000F this past March, hoping to ride it this summer, but instead ended up rebuilding it. It is about finished, I had to weld a cam lobe up and replace a cam follower. Everything else in the engine seemed OK. I had a lot of problems in the rebuild, had to learn who were all the parts resources but really enjoyed working on the bike. I added the cam oilers and I installed a new dual oil pump from England to add an oil cooler. This weekend I take a beginners class in motorcycle riding to get my bike license and by then it will probably be too cold to go riding until spring. I have visited this forum repeatedly, it seems well mannered and knowledgeable. So, now that I have a little knowledge of this bike I thought I would join. Looking forward to the conversations.

I have been in a few owners forums with xjr1300 and zx10 kwaks etc but non of them had such a varied coverage of countries as this one, its great to have a shared interest with people from all over the world from europe to usa and down to oz, lets see how many of us keep riding in the winter months! bet the ausies put the most miles on.

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… lets see how many of us keep riding in the winter months! bet the aussies put the most miles on.

I bet it is not me, this morning I had to scrape ice from car's windshield, first time this year. Decent driving weather expected in late April....