New megacycle cans

Hi guys, New set of mufflers from megacycle here in Oz, sounds awesome, nice deep note, Oz delivered bikes seem to be fairly rich in the jetting so I’ll do a few rides, check the plugs and go from there20200904_135737


Looks awesome! I have the same colour in NZ. I’m finding it hard to get an inlet valve. Do you know of any sites to source in auz? Cheers,

Hi Will, you can still buy the valves from honda, cheers tony

Thanks for the reply, Tony.
I’ve tried the common Honda sites and my brother works at a Honda dealership but no luck!Some sites have exhaust valves but haven’t been able to source inlets. Any links to sites you know would be great!

Hi Will, i use , megazip , wemoto, where abouts in nz are you, the wife and i done 3 weeks in nz last october , 2 weeks in the south and 1 week in the north, had a awesome time its a great place!!!

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Does this help?

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Thanks Tony, I’ll check them out! I’m from the north island, small town called Masterton. Glad you enjoyed your time there. I lived in Australia for two years in 2017-2018 traveling around. Not a bad back yard over there as well. Now I’m currently living in America.

Thanks Chris! I’ll do some research!

John Oldfield motorcycles in Southampton has one in stock part number 14711-mb6-000
14711-mb4-000 is the super cession number and he also has one of these

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Thanks for your help!