New member and a question as i feel a project coming on

Hi Folks,
i am looking at getting a vf1000f as i can feel a project coming on can anyone tell me if the F body work will fit a later model FF as the F is more difficult to find in the uk and i really dont like the look of the later bike.

Welcome Rcrob. I believe the tank, front fairing and belly pan are interchangeable, but not the sidecovers or tail piece. I too prefer the look of the earlier model, so if I am incorrect I would love to know.

FF can be modified to look like the early F.At last three of the french V4H80 club have done the modif.
If you start with a VF1000FG it’s quite easy and you have “just” to chop the seat bracket and weld the one of a VF1000F,find a VF seat (and bracket of course),a tail cover and tail light assembly,a pair of matched side panels,and a pair of side rails tough you may use the VF1000ff one.
But if you are starting with a VF1000F II,you’re in for major surgery!

hi rob,
as fred and tony say, it is possible to fit the 1984 fe body work onto the later ff model, i am just doing this mod to my FF/fe project bike
the rear cross member which supports the seat is about 10mm too high, so needs cutting off, cutting down then welding back on, you also need to reposition one of the left hand frame lugs for the side panal,
then, as fred says, you need the fe seat, side panals, tail unit, seat lock and grab handles,rear mudguard and light unit, also the front section of the rear mudguard and the battery cage.

Thanks for that,i didn’t think it would be a straight swap but you have answered my question ,so the search begins :slight_smile:
Thanks Rob

Great, really need a covered space for the equipment other

its a bit of a faff to do all that work but I think most people would agree that the combination you’re considering ( and Pete is in the middle of) is the best of both worlds. You get the later engine with its increase internal oilways and geometry plus the sexier looking styling.

Go for it !!

got the same here
tailpiece is interchangable but required some small work on the frame on the left side ( bracket for side cover)
also you need a seat en lock from a f version