New member. Carb kit questions

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Hi all I am a new member and I just got an 84 VF1000F a couple weeks ago. In my youth I owned an 83 VF750F and an 84 VF750F and I always wanted the BIG DADDY 1000. I live in Oregon State in the United States. I ordered an ultrasonic clean last night off of Amazon and I am considering a few different carb rebuild kits. Could I get all of your opinions on what would be the best carb kit to get for this bike? I see kits from $15-$147 US Dollars and I have zero experience with any of the sellers. Would you recommend any sellers or steer me away from any sellers? I just want to do the carbs right and not have to redo them for any reason. The bike has sat for 7 plus years do the ultrasonic cleaner is gonna pay for itself fast. :slight_smile:


Don’t go for the cheap chinese option they are rubbish,I would go for the keyster kits,readily available on

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