New member form Belgium


I recently bought a VF1000F in red/white/black (1985 with 70.000 kms). It hasn’t been driven for two years and everything needs a checkup. It was a little bit damaged on the right side because of a little slide. I’m still searching for a good right exhaust pipe. [:)]
Just saw that the bid on ebay for exhaust pipes was ended yesterday [:(!]


Geert from Belgium

PS any onther Belgium VF owners on this website?

check the forum someone on here has some in stainlessI think

Hi, welcome to the forum geert, they were scratchers silencers I believe, I bid on them because I also need a right hand silencer, I bid a fraction higher than the winning bid but did not win because of the bloody bid increments[:(!][:(!]

That’s bad luck!
Do you find them easily on ebay?