New Member from uk

Hi all, just joined up i have vf1000r i am going to restore…


Welcome Mick to Forum, and WWW fellowship of VF devotees and tragics. Not sure if you`ve experienced the pleasure and pain of vee fours before, generally the riding pleasure outweighs the pain along the way.
I’ve got 1 FF on the road, and two long term projects, (FF and FE), but would love an R model-currently only have a set of wheels…

Hi speedygp, I have only experienced the v4 pleasure in 400cc version so far… :grin:

Welcome Pal.

Loads of knowledge here on this forum ! :grinning: :+1:

Welcome Mick, you will learn everything about your bike here, all you have to do is ask. There are a few of us in AUST too.

Cheers :+1:, Jovimill and Tuffy…

:+1: Cheers Mate