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Joined the group after my VF1000R arrived yesterday. Its a unmolested 1986 US model that was imported into Europe during 1992 I’m the third owner, hopefully will keep it as long as the second owner (28 years) only done 13.000 miles and in excellent standard condition and sounds amazing compared to my 2007 Fireblade

Just need to find an original paper owners manual.


Welcome to the group phil, I imagine getting hold of an original owners handbook will be quite a task, are you based in the uk ?

Live in the Philippines, bike lives in the UK not going to see it anytime soon.

Hi PHIL_VF1000R, Welcome to the Forum! I have a home and family in the Philippines, deep south…Tagum City. I spend my time between the Phils and Europe, as work dictates and have an 86 f2 with 84 bodwork that use for touring around as time allows. Thats a super clean Vf that you have, out of interest do you have any plans to ship it to the Phils eventually?

Hi Phil, welcome to the group and congratulations on your purchase.
I found a genuine owner’s manual on eBay a couple of weeks ago for my RE and while looking I found a couple of RF and RG manuals there, also.
Good luck!

Thanks for the update, mine is a US model so correct me if I’m wrong but is it just known as VF1000R 86? (According to the VIN table from the Parts catalog)


Morning Guys!

Matt here! New to the group and new to owning an iconic classic as well. Just waiting to take delivery of my 1985 VF1000RF and can’t wait.

I’ve always been on new sports bikes and wanted a welcome change plus owning such an amazing looking bike with character appealed to me. I hope it won’t be character like an old Ducati where it lives in the garage more than on the road.

Any top tips with the basics of the bike, things you wished you knew early or any advice is appreciated.

One request-in need of a new battery and trickle charger. Recommendations of an upgraded battery and trickle charger to keep it in tip top condition???

I’m in Kent and will hopefully be out on the bike soon!!

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Hi there. There are quite a few chaps on here rate the Motobatt AGM batteries. There are also other AGMs out there. I believe Bif uses a different make but I cant remember which one. Im sure he will let us know shortly.
As for trickle chargers I am not a fan. I have had the same Motobatt on my Bol dor for 7 years now and it has never been on a charger and has never failed to start the bike.
Auto electricians tend to advise against trickle chargers as they tend to destroy batteries.

I went with the Motobatt in the end and went against the trickle charger. It’s a strong battery and the bike is kept warm and dry to help with maintaining a strong charge.

Just trying to get some sort of rear brake feeling now as there’s a lot of free play in the pedal.

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