new member new bike advice please guys

Hello all,
just bought myself a new toy it is a 1985 VF1000RE with 28k on the clock and with the exception of briaded hoses it looks like standard even the cans are original on the outside.

However reading through all the receipts its had a load of headwork carried out in 1996 cost £2200 so back then that is one shed load of money, it states it has been gas flowed, cams reprofiled etc but no real exact detailed list

she has been stood for years although the seller said the previous owner turned it over over so often !!!
so my concerns are now that due to not having a vf1000 before not sure how she should go and what should i do before i put here through her paces, i want to change the oil and filter, what other checks should i do before a full test ride, as i see from the forums that they have a tendancy to overheat etc, so just want to take any precutions first and what should i be looking for.

any help would be great

Kind regards Phill

hi Phil, could I be a pain and ask you who and where the head work was done for your VF1000Re, cos I’m in the middle of working the best way to sort out the worn camshaft on my Re (without adding to the national debt). Not quite sure where to start… many thanks

hi peps,try david silvers spares…acording to there web site they’ve got a front inlet & rear exhaust cam for the re available at £129 each,may be worth contacting if its the other cams you want.