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Hi, just a post to say hi to all you discerning Honda owners. I am about to become a vf1000 owner and am hoping to restore it to its former glory. I’m sure this site and forum will prove invaluable.[8)]
Hi especially to PAJ and Bif

Howdy bud,the VF is yours and ready to pick up when ever you get a day off.Welcome to the forum,the guys here are very helpful with the problems we encounter running these old girls.Regards BIF

hi everyone hope your all well. will be helping frew168 with the bike project. personally looking forward to it.
big thanks to bif say hi to paj for me hope your all doing ok.

welcome aboard Martin,Blackbirds are OK but you cant beat the real thing.OOPS mentioned a blackbird so I am sure Tim will be along any moment.Once John is sorted we will arrange transport for the VF to the batcave for its transformation.You wont be dissapointed.Regards BIF

Congrats to Batman and Robin on their new bat bike. I think Herr Tim is too busy figuring out which way the seat fits back on his VF to read the forum any more…