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Hi, I bought a VF1000 on Friday and thought I should introduce myself. I have always been more of an old Brit bike fan although I have had a few Japanese bikes. The last one was an 88 CBR600.

The VF has been in a shed since 1994 but is complete and in standard trim. It seems to have been first used in Australia and then registered in the UK in 87 with the year of manufacture stated as 84. It is in a black, silver and white colour scheme with ‘special edition’ on the side panels. I will be flushing out the tank and carbs, changing the oil and filters and fitting a new battery before trying to start it. Is there anything else I should check? Obviously the tyres are very old even though they look ok so they will need sorting. Any recommendations as to the best tyres to fit?

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Hi Nick

Sounds like a good find, the bike would have fairly low Km (or miles) on the clock I bet. Someone must have been pretty fond of it to have it shipped from Oz to the UK!

I’m running Bridgestone Battlax’s on mine.