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G’day I’m from Australia,i have been reading your forum for months now so i thought i’d better sign up and swap a bit of bullshit with ya’s .I got sucked in on ebay and bought a 1984 vf1000 about a year ago it was a basket case, the dude reckoned it was 95% complete, it was far from it, the motor was out he said it had been running but had a knock in it ,he thought it was a gudgeon pin. I pulled the heads and barrels off and found the tops of 2 pistons had let go (shit).Anyway i have since rebuilt the top end and got the motor back together,painted the frame, plastics,tank,and just about reconditioned every thing else along the way. Finaly today i started it up ,took a little while to get going but it seems to run ok .I have had a lot of headaches doing it up , i always refer back to your site because there always seems that somebody else has had the same troubles, so thanks Bluey.

welcome to the site Bluey. Godd to hear it helped with your ‘basket case’! Better get some miles on her now to make up for all the headaches!!!

G’day Bluey

Glad to hear I’m not the only one with a basket case! I’m at the 12 month mark on my rebuild with about another 6 to go.
Where about in Oz are you? I’m in SA

Welcome to the site,it does get a little quiet on here sometimes but the info required normally turns up.My 86 FF has just returned to the road for the first time since 2004.Just dont rush when you are working on it as there is always one part to remove before you get to the bit you need.
Enjoy it