"New" member

Hi all! I´ve been following this forum since I bought by -84 vf1000fe. Thought that I had Id too, but since I could not remember id/pw I created new one.

Nice to see there is some other Finn too - I have been emailing with dnapekko couple years ago, about cams (ofcourse).

Currently considering buing another -84 1000fe - 99% original shape with <30tkm at speedo… expensive though.

Welcome from the forum’s other finn. Your maybe new bike sounds interesting, if you decide to buy it, it is a keeper. definitely. Where in Finland are you living ?

Hi Pekka and others! I’m living in a Kokkola, at west coast of Finland. And been riding with VF since 2006, actually my third bike so far. I’m planning to get some bike into veteran mc-register, hopefully VF, but not one I already have because painting etc. are not in original shape. I checked another -85 VF1000F-II today, but it wasn’t worth of restoration either. It seems our neighbour Sweden would have better assortment and prices too…