New Needle valve kits VF1000FE 1984 sc15

rang up Dave silver today inquiring how much 4 sets of new replacement needle valves would cost, two of my carbs sometimes leak so i thought over winter i would service the carb needles

OUCH £190.00 :o :stuck_out_tongue: :’(

know anywhere cheaper guys ?

hi windy,

is it the float valve kits or the carb needles that you want, wemoto do these or just the float valve by its self

yep i checked that out but all i need is the needle the brass housing and the strainer
seems pointless buying all the other bits as i don’t need them

I bought valves and seats from keyster in the US,came to about £25 by the time I got them here.
This set from German eBay looks a good deal though item no.172209931509
For £40 replace all the Orings and float bowl seals too
Regards Bif

cheers bif now ordered :slight_smile: