New oem black chrome exhaust slip on vf1000f

Hello everyone.

I have not been here for a long while because of another project restoring a CB1100F 83 that is still going on. Because it is taking so long I have abandoned my VF1000F Interceptor 84 restoration project.

I have a right and left NEW NOS (in the original OEM box) black chrome exhaust slip on (part 5 and 16 in the VF1000F interceptor 84 USA exhaust diagram) Part number: Right 18330-MB6-003,
Left 18430-MB6-003 for sale. I know these are quite rare to put it bluntly.

Before I put these on ebay, I thought to offer these rare black chrome slip on to you guys. These are perfect for an awesome restoration project.

I have had these for quite a while and they are in perfect condition, see the photos.

I would rather sell the pair so if bought together it would be 730$US and separately 385US each.

If interested please PM me

I will be having other parts for sale soon. Just a hint, one of these is a solo seat cowl so stay tuned.



Hello again

I am not sure how to include photos of the black chrome slip ons so if interested you can email me and I will send you the photos.

Email me at if interested.