New to me VF1000F2

I bought another VF1000F, 1987 F2 this time. The bike was missing auxiliary radiator so I bought one and installed it.

However I am not sure if I routed the bottom hose correctly. If anyone has a picture of stock lower radiator hose routing I would be most grateful :slight_smile:

think your pictures may be too big to display

They work fine on my phone. Maybe I need to upload them to some other hosting service

Working fine on my PC and tablet so don’t worry about it.


Hi Pablo_El

Maybe this is what you’re looking fore


Hi Pablo, looks like your missing the steel section of hose,
This joins onto the lower radiator with a short piece of hose, then goes around the back of the exhaust where it joins onto rubber hose from water pump.

This is exactly what I am missing. Thanks for the information!

Setup I posted works fine with 36.5C heat we have in Poland at the moment but I will hunt for that OEM metal pipe. The rubber can take only certain amount of abuse.

I have a spare F2 (disassembled) and probably have this part in a box…but I am in Australia. Let me know if you can’t find one. Regards, Frank