New to the forum

Hi all, new to the forum. From Australia.
I found my dream bike in the back of a bike shed under a dirty old blanket and have slowly been bringing it back to life.
I’ve replaced the REAR suspension with a Wilburforce and refreshed the front with new values and seals but will probably respring it at some stage.
I can’t get the front axle out of the wheel so if someone can help me with any tips on that I would be grateful as I can’t ride it until I get the new front tyre fitted.
Valves need to be adjusted but the motor works great and doesn’t blow any smoke.
Bike has been modded for racing and has a Pod Air filter and 4 -1 exhaust, larger fuel pump and other mods so it should go pretty well.
Cosmetically its not pretty but I will attend to that after I get it on the road.

I’ve wanted one of these for many years and am a Honda V4 tragic.
My next project is the VF750F but my current riders are a 98 VFR800 and an 08 VFR800. (V4 Honda is my Disease)

Any tips on the front axles, I don’t want to break anything.


On mine,we had to use a blow torch and a big pneumatic impact wrench…

Hi and welcome, I’ve got a refurb set of forks to go in my fe, so I have the same job at the w/e…

So does it just unscrew, normal clockwise thread?

Hi Gr. We’ve got a few Aussies on this forum but recently they’ve gone quite. Probably eating Eucalyptus like the Koala’s.


What’s this about the Aussies going quiet? That would be a bit out of character!
What part of God’s country are you from GR?

This ought to make you feel more at home here GR!

An oldie but a goodie.


In Brisbane AJ -

Thanks for the help everyone, I’ll be in the shed with the big spanners if you need me.
I’ll post up a video of when I go for a ride.