new vf 1000 f owner

hello im bas de jong

since yesterday im the proud owner of a '84 vf1000f which will be used for a 500 euro challenge after that who knows ?

bought the bike very cheap so the work will be massive !

first im going to deconstruct to see whats missing and/or broken

topic can be followed here :

Welcome to the forum,it looks like you have a real challenge on your hands.
What is involved in the €500 challenge?
Obviously the budget is 500,but does that include any work needing done after buying the bike?
Is there a route to complete and is it for a charity?
Regards Bif

Hi Bas, Bif is asking my questions too.


Brave man,check out the link,I can’t read Dutch but the pictures tell the story.
I don’t think I would have the time to prepare this for the 2016 challenge!!!
Regards Bif

I’m thinking the Challenge is actually " buy for less than 500 euros the worst bike you can find and get it running and road legal in 1 year" My hat goes off to him.

you buy a bike older than 20 years have a budget of 150 euro . the difference between 500 euro and the money you bought it for will be defided by 2 and added to the budget .
you are not allowed to have owned the bike for more than a year prior to entering the challenge
brakes and tires are not subject to the budget (safety first)
in june the group is going to ride through europe ( about 4000 km )
here points will be given for multiple disiplines. the person who got the most points wins

Good luck Bas. Is it only for Dutch people ?


dont know will ask the organizers
the fact is its just for fun only prize to be won is the fun we have doing everything

ask the organizer

challenge is for everybody to join
start will be in the netherlands or germany ( depending on which route we will be taking ) for more info leave a email adress i will send it to the organizer then

Thanks Bas. Now you’ve explained the rules I’ve decided you’re crazy and “I’m Out” :wink:


he who doesnt dare will never rule or something in that direction :stuck_out_tongue:

dont know how i will feel after the challenge but i will let the people know !