New vf1000f 1984 owner

Hi all, just got myself a 1984, vf1000f that hasn’t been on the road for a good few yearsIMG20210326185314 as you can see bit rough round the edges so any advice is welcome, currently own a magna 700 I restored, gotta love a 80s honda v4

Welcome to the forum David,if you have restored your Magna you will be well placed to get your FE back on the road.
Where abouts are you in the UK?

Hi there, based in Central Scotland, just trying to discover if eBay is the only place to source parts, just started to strip down so hopefully no demons hidden inside

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Your not too far away from a couple of us,GMCC is in Ayrshire and I’m in Dumfries and Galloway.
eBay is the go to site for a lot of us although it’s worth checking on the forum first,it’s surprising what the members have tucked away


Ah nice you’ve got some lovely roads down your way, love going down to Moffat and along St Mary’s Loch way