New VF1000F owner!

Hey everyone!

I’m a very new owner of a 1985 VF1000F, I purchased it on a bit of a whim as my next project bike and don’t know a whole lot about them, few pictures of it below.

I’ll need to check the VIN number when I get home, but wondering if someone can tell me what model it is, the VF1000FF or FG? I’m a bit confused from the reading I’ve done so far as to the difference?

Located in Sydney Australia, so it’d be an Australian variant



Nice that!
Got one in the same colour. Do you know the year? Mines an FF (1986), so that might point you in the right direction…


from my RMS check it was built in Jan 1985, vin ending in 1219

For us, in Europa, it’s a G. It as the FII tail and colour scheme, the 18’ front wheel and calorstat housing on the RH side. If the frame number begins with the 41 number, it’s definitly a G but if it’s 40 it is supposed to be a FF.

Anyways, she looks nice, clean and original. I’m jealous!

Thanks! yeah it’s a pretty clean example, needs a bit of work but it runs!

VIN is SC15-2101219

Engine is SC15E-2103844

According to the VIN N°, you’ve got an intersting 1985 VF1000Ff

Great! thank you!

These had the chain driven cam version of the engine? I was a bit confused by some of the info I was reading online about what was carried over from the 1000r to the 1000F2 & FF!

I might cop some flack for this but she’s not staying stock! started pulling her down last night and playing around with the stock rear cowl. My brother and I build a few customs/cafe racers and this will be going down the same route!

Yes, she has the chain driven cams. I must say that I’m not very enthousiastic seeing such a clean original bike being chopped but I expect it 'll be done in an elegant way…
It’s a pity you’re so far away, I would have gladly given you some some good condition but mismatched parts…

Don’t worry it will be tastefully done and every detail considered!

Here’s our last two builds, a 1955 Triumph Bonneville T110 and 1982 Yamaha XV1000 Midnight Special

Well, I have to admit that you’re not the dark corner’s butcher we often see chopping collectable bikes and you Triumph is beautiful!