New VF1000R member

Hi Everyone,

Just registered today as a recent (July 22’) VF1000R owner and enjoying the journey so far!

Picked up my US 85’ VF1000R when i part ex my MV Agusta Brutale 990R for it and although it’s been a choppy journey so far with fault findings, upgrading worn parts and fixing some niggles, it’s been a pleasure (mostly!).

Picture attached from my most recent day out when I got the VF dyno tuned at Dave Wood Racing - 101bhp and 62ft.Ibs at the wheels.

Still have a few more things to do over winter to improve the bike for next years riding season.



Dyno sheet from Dave Wood Racing.

Yes, it rode horribly before this!



Fitted my European spec fuel tank a smaller (FWS1000 / RS850R inspired) front mud guard today. I have also stripped the red paint from the forks, still need to brush them up a few more times to get the finish in after, but very happy with the general look heading into winter.

List of things to do over winter:

  1. Lower front end a bit more
  2. New speedo cable
  3. Fit and map Ignitech ignition system with shift light.
  4. Healtech iQSE quickshifter
  5. Fit NS250R indicators
  6. Lightweight lithium battery
  7. New clear screen with no front / intake cut out
  8. Raysons Exhausts for a 4-1 system and RS850R end can.

Can’t wait for winter to pass already!


A fair list of to do’s there.Happy to give the Kerkers a new home if you shoot me over a price

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Thank you!

I will let you know about both Kerkers for sure but my aim would be to sell Kerkers, link pipe and centre silencer (and possibly headers) all together. Let me know if that’s something you would be interested in.


Yes I would have a look at that

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@ROOTS looks like you’ll have a productive winter!
Welcome to the forum.
Great to see yet another R getting some attention, and ridden, well done.
I fitted a lithium battery and it has transformed the starting of my 85 FF, cold or hot. No hesitation to fire, and none of the dreaded ‘hot lock’ when you try to restart after a hard run in warmer weather after spirited riding.

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Finally on the final leg of the “winter” work, which has taken a bit longer due to work, some issues taking longer to reciting and some parts trickier to source!

My bike is now running Ignitech with 4x individual coils. Not the most simplistic job as the coil sticks provided were quite tall, and wobbly, so changed them out for 2016 GSXR items which are slightly shorter but more importantly sturdy and tighter fit.

Also managed to source a 4-1 header which was in pretty poor shape but worth buying as it was cheap. Sandblasted, welded and ceracoted then paired up to a Quill race exhaust + link pipe, some chopping, bending and cursing later… fits like a glove!

With the ignitech inputs I decided to install a quickshifter, and shift light which required a location…. So had a custom alloy dash CNC’d which is OEM in terms of fitment but looks WAY better.

Was pretty much ready for final assembly when the link pipe that joins both banks of carbs showed signs of leaking so until that arrives I’m stuck!

Hoping to have it started and back on its wheels ready to ride this weekend. Then it’s time for a retune to see how it’s running, improved power / torque, and configure the quickshifter.

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Nice job, have you test fitted the belly fairing after installing the 4 into 1?

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Of course! It was super tight but should be all good once buttoned up :sunglasses:

Shes alive!

Now to button it all back together and get it on the dyno to check fueling, ignition curve from Ignitech and set up the quickshifter.

I also just realised that CBR 600 F2 wheels (F3 rear) are a candidate for swapping on to the VF1000R. I definitely want to do this to run better tyres and have 17’ inch wheels front and rear. If anyone can help me with this please drop me a message or reply below.



VF is running great lately. So fun to ride!

Had to get a few bits sorted on my Cagiva Elefant & Africa Twin RD03 during the summer but it’s time to tackle the CBR wheel & brake upgrade.

I have 90% of what I need to get the job done but was originally going to go with CBR front wheel, discs and retain the VF calipers but I’m not thinking of CBR calipers - 929 or 954 I’m not sure yet - and master/lever if necessary.

If anyone can give some solid guidance / help with this conversion, the brakes & CBR upgrade in particular that would be hugely appreciated.

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