Newbie here saying Hi

Hi all,

I joined the ranks of VF1000R owners just over a week ago. It’s a restoration project to keep my sane during these weird times with Covid etc. This is now the 4th bike in my garage at the moment but the first rebuild I have taken on.

I’ll probably be asking loads of questions or trying to find parts.



Hi Laura welcome to the forum. There are plenty of people who should be able to answer any questions, as for parts the VF1000R was different than the VF1000F models in quite a few ways. I see in your other post you were asking about wheels, this is one of the different parts on the R also the tank, plastics, clocks and rear brake also the engine is different but there are several R owners in the UK who may have spares.


Hi and thanks,

Yeah the wheels on mine have been swapped for CBR but I would like some originals if I can find some, my tank is holed so I am trying to either get it repaired or find a replacement, I have also found out there is a difference between the US and European tanks :roll_eyes:

I prefer the European tank, it has a steeper back but that’s just my opinion. I’ve no spare wheels but have a USA tank that I was going to spray due to damaging mine, I would prefer not to sell it but if you cant find another one or get yours repaired I may consider it though someone is bound to have one.

Yeah, the Euro one is much nicer, I am trying to see if there are any workshops who would do it for me.

Depending on where you are in the country (possible logistics issues), these guys could not only repair your tank, they could paint it as well.

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Welcome Laura and congratulations on your purchase.
It does have some non standard parts but that’s not all bad,the wheel mod is mostly for tyre choice as no one makes a radial in 16" for the front anymore.
Not sure which shock it has fitted but with a remote reservoir it’s got to be a step up on the original.
The after market pipes look good too,standard ones are getting hard to find in good condition.
If you are decided on standard wheels I can probably help out,that may also involve the rear brake though,depending on what the set up is with the CBR wheel.

Hi Bif,

Thank you. It’s going to be a fun project :slight_smile:

The shocks a WP which a friend said aren’t cheap.
The pipes are ok on the outside, not so shiny on the inside, will end up having a complete system built I think.

I’d love to get an original set of wheels if possible, I’d like to keep it outwardly looking standard. Here’s a picture of the rear brake set up.


Caliper looks like Kawasaki zzr,WP is a good shock especially as they are totally rebuildable.
I will look out a set of wheels and rear disc(the standard one is vented)
And send you some pics

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Well I have been quiet online but not in the garage.


The bike is completely stripped, I’ve not stripped the engine as it’s feeling good on compression and I don’t have the clean space to do it here ( I am due to move soon )
I found that the tank still had unknown fluids in it :face_vomiting: and it had a hole in the front :thinking: so that’s been off to be chemically stripped and repaired.



The frame and metalwork have been dropped off to be powdercoated, the bodywork has now gone for paint ( now the tanks repaired ), the forks and shock have been sent off to be serviced and rechromed. I’m slowly getting a pile of new part and service parts.

I have managed to get my hands on a front wheel, but still looking for a rear.

It’s been a great project so far.

Great progress,the real fun will start when the refinished parts start to arrive.
Looks like you are short on space(a bit like my garage)I hope the house move includes a double garage.
I have a rear wheel and brake set up going spare,PM me if you are interested

Hi laura, looks like your making great progress, that was certainly some hole in the fuel tank,
Can I ask who is doing the paintwork for you, I took a set of R bodywork down to dream machine at the beginning of Feb, unfortunately it wasnt finished before lockdown came into force, my stuff is still there, I beleive they may have reopened today.
It’s would be good to know if there are other good paint shops about.

I don’t live too far from Dream machine, but they were a bit wishy washy with their email reply to me asking if the could do the couple of little repairs and then repaint :frowning:
I asked on one of the sportbike groups on facebook and had lots of paint shops recommended, I went with Dayo Paint as he’s a racer and was based in the same area as I took my forks to, so two jobs in one trip :slight_smile:

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Hi Bif, think I have just managed to sort a wheel about 20 minutes before reading this :see_no_evil:

Yeah looking for a double garage with a house attached :rofl: maybe a workshop in the garden or space for a big garage/ workshop.

A single garage with 4 bikes and all the tools etc isn’t great, especially when 2 are big and the others aren’t that small either. Perhaps I should have just been bulk buying 250’s :slight_smile:

Hi Laura, thanks for the info on dayo paint shop, it’s good to know a few options when it comes to paint.

Well I have got all the metalwork back from the powdercoater’s so it’s time to start rebuilding