newbie,,,,,new problem

hello ok i,ll start at the beginning,I had a kawasaki er5,i swapped it for this vf 1000,i went to stoke (kidsgrove),on saturday and picked it up,its had a fair amount of work,new brakes air filter plugs,oil and filter change,new petrol lines and filter,the chap was honest and said it needs the carbs balancing as it had been standing a while,i can get that sorted i said,the deal was done and i rode it home carefully down the m6,it rode well and was running ok until i tried to get it past 60 mph then it would start holding back and spitting at me,you could feel the power was there but it wouldnt have it,anyway i got it home and pulled up outside my house and went in to get the wife to come and have a look at my new toy,i went to start it and,nothing, but a click,she just laughed and went back in the house,so i took the side panel of and crossed the solenoid with a screw driver and it started,and i put it in my back garden.The next day i got up went outside and tried to start it I opened the choke and started it it fired up but wouldnt rev up it just kept cutting out every time i tried,even it i tried to rev it slowly,hmmmm i noticed the battery was held in place with a bit of string and the battery leads had been bodged together,so i made a new bracket to hold the battery in place,and fitted some battery leads that i had in my shed,and tried to start it again,it worked i could rev it up and it would run of the choke i even went out on it and showed it my mate,it was fine,(it wouldnt rev past six grand,but i put that down to balancing carbs),happy i went home and ordered a solenoid and arranged for a mate to come and balance my carbs,next day i tried to start it again and got the same problem,starts ok then cuts out when you rev it and wont run of the choke,i went through all the connections i could find and made sure they was tight and started it again it was ok again,got up this morning tried to start it and its the same again[:(!],were do i start guys help[:)]

ok well i thought i would eliminate the fuel pump,so i took it off and cleaned the points inside,i took the pipe of the carb,and placed it in a suitable container and connected the fuel pump direct to the battery,its pumping fine, smooth with a good delivery of fuel,while i was on i held the fuel pipe that goes to the carbs upright and tipped fuel down it till it was full,started the bike ,still the same wont rev up and will only run on choke,am i going in the right direction with this,looking to take carbs off next to give them a good clean out,???

hi fallingspark and welcome.

if the bike has been standing the carbs are the most likely offender, you need to remove them, clean them in a sonic bath if you can get one and check the diaphragms have not split. removal and re fitting can be a bit of an ordeal!! be careful with the pipes that split the petrol between the carbs as they can be brittle, prepare to loose some skin of your knuckles and have a long list of swear words to shout at honda motor company as you put them back in. if this does not cure your fault the next step would be the ignition unit in the tail piece, this also drives the fuel pump and can cause the pump to cut in and out. i now have a rig for testing these units, if you think it is suspect contact me.

good luck


hi falling spark,
i would agree with what gary says, your problem sounds like gummed up carbs.getting them on and off can be a fiddly job if you havent done them before, the rubber manifolds that attach the carbs to the cylinders normally go hard, a tip for when you come to put the carbs back on, if the rubbers have gone hard, put them in a pan of hot water, this will temporarly soften them, alternativly buy new ones. when you come to strip and cleen the carbs dont mix things up, keep all the bits for each carb seperate.

good luck.


thanks lads will have a go in the morning,ime looking forward to getting this animal sorted once and for all

ooooooh I just been looking round this forum and I noticed that a member called Paul2000 originally had my bike,he is the one I swapped my er5 for,fair play to him he did do a lot of work on it,starter motor,plugs etc,I messaged him last night and asked him if he ever took the carbs off,he just sprayed carb cleaner down them and flushed them through with petrol,so hopefully this is a good sign and gummed up carbs is the problem,oh well its fettling time wish me luck

bleeding heck,they did not want to budge at all,but there out,all the diaphragms look good,the sliders seam a little sticky though,i aint looking forward to getting them back in after i cleaned em

just took all the jets out, float needle valves,with black scummy stuff in two of them,two main jets looked blocked to,i aint got a sonic bath,(what is a sonic bath anyhoo),so i will get some carb cleaner tomorrow and give them the best clean they have ever had,or the only clean they have ever had,what can i do about the sliders being a bit sticky ???

We at Teambif shedquarters have done a couple of sets of carbs now.We bought an ultrasonic bath a bit back and stripped cleaned and rebuilt project R’s carbs.When it came time for some routine jobs on our BolDor which required the fairing to be removed we bit the bullet and pulled the carbs off for a serious clean.It is a fair job but the results make it very worthwhile.I would recommend new float valves and replacing all O rings and gaskets.Correct float height is also critical on these carbs.If all this sounds too daunting Email me and we can talk through some options.Regards BIF

well at the moment I havnt the funds to get new o rings and gaskets etc,as the bike runs out of mot and tax at the end of oct, my main objective is to get it running well enough to get it through the mot,then give to some serious attention over the winter,ready for next year,i,m sort of on a budget for another month or so then things will be better, thanks for the advice bif,

Oh well got the carbs back on it runs I,m just waiting for my mate to show up and balance them up I will let you know how it goes,but I got a feeling I maybe needing garyb,s help

[^]No need to buy the float bowl seals
just go to a quality bearing co and buy 5 x 42mm rubber seals at 25p each. one spare
remember to take a float bowl to try one

they fit perfectly and I have no leaks on my vf1000fe carbs

saves lots of money[:)]

Originally posted by windysolar1

[^]No need to buy the float bowl seals
just go to a quality bearing co and buy 5 x 42mm rubber seals at 25p each. one spare
remember to take a float bowl to try one

they fit perfectly and I have no leaks on my vf1000fe carbs

saves lots of money[:)]
oooh i like money saving tips,cheers mate

Hi Fallingspark
I in general agree with the carb problem, BUT!
I have same problem on my F2, but had no time to look at it. She stood for 10 years in Germany, and i now took over. Will get her on the road in this month.
I have a VF750F, which had same symptoms as yours. And my carb cleaning and balancing helped, but still she was unwilling to take revs above 6000-7000 rpm’s.
So I concentrated a bit on the electrical side, and after trying almost everything, I went to a car work shop, and connected their car computer to my bike, and measured the voltage needed to create the spark. This ought to be around 15000-18000 volts.
This test shows the ability to handle ignition correct. And i ended up with new spark cables.
But still she was not really OK. So at the end, I looked at the pick up coils, and found that one coil measured around 450 ohms (Around 430 ohms acc to manuals), but the other was up to 1900 Ohm. I bought a second hand set at E-bay, and now she really was fine. It was like getting a new engine!
So, I just say, carbs might be your problem, but as you see, I was cheated, and how well my VF750F would have performed without a carb service, but just with new pick up coils, will never be known, but I might have jumped the carb’S part.
Good luck!

hello kurt and thanks for your advice,i,m thinking to it may be electrical,gonna spend today going over and cleaning all electrical connections,i will get there in the end,probably just in time for winter

hey garyb i sent you an email,Well I think i did[:I])

well today the vf was still running rubbish so i started again,after reading all the posts i could find on here about carbs,coil packs,black boxes relays,etcso i took the tank of again and made sure fuel was flowing freely from the tank it was,next I removed all the fuel pipes to make sure they were clear,they was,next i cleaned the connections on the coils,then i removed the two rear plugs to make sure they were in good order and sparking,they was,next i took the front right plug out and that was fine to,I went to take the left out and this is what I found[:I]

the plug lead was trapped against the choke not letting it close,i moved it and re routed it and would you credit the bike ran fine,i feel a prize pratt,i want for a nice spin this afternoon,carbs still need balancing but it rode well,feel free to take the urine out of me[^] i can take it[:o)]

well spotted! these type of faults can be a pain to find and cost a fortune changing parts that are not broken. well done, go and enjoy the bike and the good weather we are having before winter sets in.


cheers gary i will do just that