Newbie starter question

Hello all! I’m very new to the forum but I have a vf1000f that is a beauty but I’ve been having issues with the starting system.

The problem is I thought I burnt out my starter solenoid. It was starting flawlessly but after a while it seemed like the starter had less kick and eventually it became a low whir and eventually became just a click when I tried starting it. I bought another solenoid online and thought I had the right part (SSMS-1002 by cncelectrical) but when I hooked it up correctly one of the wires that connected to the solenoid burnt the plastic coating off itself and when I realized this after a second or two it was immediately disconnected.

My question is, should I look into my starter motor as the issue or the solenoid? Could have I damaged my starter motor when I hooked the incorrect solenoid as well?

Thanks! Any help with this issue will be greatly appreciated.

I have had that problem
The starter motor is serviceable so just undo the 2 screws which will be a bth as they seize.
hack saw a slot across the screw heads to undo them
you can renew the Honda brushes available from a local Honda dealer.
clean the commutator up with fine emery paper and make sure the gaps are clean of dirt.

put it together and try it my one was fine

fit the old solenoid as its ment to click like that and get some spare fuses from Honda dealer

what was happening was no power was inside the starter motor because the brushes were not making contact with the armature

have fun[:D]

Hi Jad,
My starter does that also when hot. Incidentally CX650 are notorious for doing exactly this as well and those guys get over it by getting the earth circuit within the casing sorted i.e. it may be a poor circuit running up the motor case between the body and the end caps, before it gets to the main earth cable.
Sat behind the exhaust like that makes them get very hot so unless everything is spot on then thats when the problems start ( or dont start !)

Hi Jad,
My starter motor was doing exactly the same thing, so i baught a kit from Ebay and did what Windy solar advised to do. You get bearings, base plate, brushes and 'O’rings in the kit for about $35. the bearings can get a bit how-ya-goin when hot and cause slow cranking so maybe an idea to change them too. Try putting the starter in a vise, spray with some WD40 or penatrine and tap the bolts to free them up before slotting them with a hack saw, it might be enough to free them up. make sure the armature is clean like windysolar said. Then reasemble and fit.
I haven’t had an issue since. and THANKS to those fellas for the previous advise.


Thanks everyone for the great advice, and it has been duly noted. I’ll report back once I get the kit to service the starter.