Newbie with some 1984 vf1000 odds and sods for sale

Greetings to all and sundry from the land of skippy. Stripping down a project to bare min. Photos to follow of what will be for sale. But a quick list. Seat, rear seat cowl, fender under gaurd lights, grab rails ,wiring loom. Front headlight bucket and backing top radiator with fans (which oddly work) bottom radiator. Oh and the headlight glass is cracked, but if you hunt there will be a semi retired person who knows how to fix and can replace, with the correct glass depending on what side of the road you use. Oh almost forgot the carb set (require full reco but fully complete) minus the top half of the airbox maybe on the table as well. Basically just putting it out there for purview and checking response. If you live over the pond. Happy to post as part of sale. Anyways drop by and say gday. Take care everbody

What condition is the top radiator in?
Mine has some nasty corrosion which I may or may not be able to repair.

Gooday Fable, whereabouts in Oz are you? I`m in Canberra where there are 4 or 5 Vfs on the road?

What do you want for the carbies? I really just need the carb caps as mine are corroded as.