no no no... your not listening

Do you ever get that feeling the person on the other end of the phone just isn’t listening, well thats just how i felt the other day after phoning Bike tyres leeds, having already spent a week or so searching through all the popular tyre manufacturers web sites looking for a nice set of matched tyres for the bold’or.
After much diliberation i decided to go for the Avon Storm 3D-XM’s, in the 110x80zr18 front and 150x70zr17 rear,
so thats what i asked for on the phone, only to be told they couldnt get the 18 inch front in 110, it had to be 100 width, they had the rear in stock but not the 18 inch front, they had a 19 inch front, now at times i am a little thick but even i dont think that one will hold air :slight_smile:
anyway, another voice from inside the office shouts down the phone, “what bikes it for”, so i tells them vf1000f2… “oh you want Avon RoadRiders, thats the correct tyres for your bike”… well, im thinking to myself… no i dont want roadriders, i want storm 3D-XM’s, Road riders may be good tyres but, for the vf sizes you end up with what is listed as a “universal tyre” now call me picky, but i want a back or front tyre thats designed to be either a back or a front tyre and not something thats designed to be both…
At this point the conversation was drying up, there was little interest in getting the Storms in for me, but they were happy to fit me some road riders, so i decided to leave it and try somewhere else… It was disapointing as i have been well pleased with the service i have recieved from them in the past, they have fitted a few of my vf’s with tyres before.
So… plan “B”, i googled motorcycle tyre fitters in yorkshire and “A18 motorcycle tyres” came up, situated near sandtoft, doncaster… i emailed them the tyres and sizes i required and received a prompt reply saying no problem we can have those in for tomorrow, so i ordered them…
Now, ive got to say i have never delt with or even heard of this firm before, but i thought ill give them a go, I was a little shocked when i arrived at the satnav location, a private house in the country side with a modest workshop in the garden… thoughts of “what on earth have i let myself in for” soon disapeared when i entered the workshop, he was all kitted out with a tyre machine, balancing was done on stands and rollers, and to be honest the guy took more care removing and fitting the tyres than anyone ive seen.
After talking to the guy, it turns out he bought the tyre machine for his own use some years ago after having some wheels damaged, then started fitting his mates tyres, then mates mates tyres, he now rebuilds spoke wheels, and even does a comstar/spoke conversion along with bike servicing etc…
Its a refreshing change to see someone who is a motorcycle enthusiast who has just sort of drifted into running his own “cottage industry” rarther than the bigger businesses that have just jumped on the motorcycle bandwagon to make money… theres one thing for sure, my next set of tyres will be fitted at A18 motorcycle tyres.

Avon Storm 3D-XM’s… 110x80zr18 and 150x70zr17

HI Pete,

I hear you. Glad that you found someone that provides that type on service. I went through it with the last set of Avon tires for my Harley. Could not believe how many shops did not want to swap the tires or charge you $$$ because I bought them online. Cost me $120 to replace the 2 in the end. And the dealer was a joke. They told me yeah they can do it, but I had to bring the motorcycle and tires to them and the tires had to be the same size the bike came with which of course wasn’t. All about making money on a simple service anymore.


Just wondering how you are getting on with these tyres ???

Hi Bart.
I haven’t had chance to test the tyres yet… I bought them for the boldor I’m building… I’m hoping to have it on the road ready for Scotland in a few weeks time… so hopefully I should be able to give a little feedback then.

Ok, Cheers

Aye, would be interested to hear your experience with them too.

I know modern tyres have better construction and compounds, but I just personally feel better with radials and wider wheels.

How does a 110 on the front on the Bol D’Or feel?

I don’t know if Pete has got as far as trying the tyres out but I am using the same sizes on my Bol.
The radials make for much lighter steering than the crossplys and fit fine on the standard rims.
Even when I had crossplys fitted I used a 110/80,personal choice for astetics only.
Regards Bif

Hi all. I have just fitted the Avon Storm 3D XM in the same sizes and am very happy with how they look. I am an Avon Fan and run them on my Blackbird and on previous cbr1000fh and fr . Think they are great and hope They suit the Bol d’Or. I have ran a 110/80 on the front as long as I have owned it and like the look and handling.
I ran it on Michelin Mac 50 tyres and they were great. Sadly they are no longer available and the new pilot street active that is their replacement don’t seem to last to well.
The Scotland trip should determine if the Avons are the answer.

just a little feed back on the Avon Storm 3D XM’s, ive done about 1300 miles on them now, initially i thought the tyres were a little twitchy, most of this though was down to poor suspension set up on my boldor and the newness of the tyres, once the handling issues were improved upon and the tyres scuffed up they were great, there’s more than enough grip through the corners, infact its fairly safe to say that i will loose my bottle before the tyre loose grip, they track well in a straight line under acceleration and braking, and seem happy to climb over white lines.
All in all im very happy with them.

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Thats good to hear, hope to get mine on this week.