No parts in Australia

Hi All,
I am hoping someone can help.
I am looking for some parts with no luck from Australian suppliers and need to get the ‘HO’ back up and running URGENTLY.
Need 1 x cover gasket PNO>11666-MB2-000
Need 1 x gallery 'O’ring PNO>91303-MB2-004
Need 1 x thermostat PNO>19300-MB0_003
If anyone knows of a better, working, suppercieded number please let me know?
If anyone has these available, please let me know how much including express postage to FAIRFIELD NSW AUSTRALIA 2165

email david silvers or look on ebay for the geman company who have stacks of spares type in ebay germany . and google chrome usually does an instant translation fron german to english

send an email request to david silvers on your behalf to ask if they have or can get these parts and what it will cost to get them to you

Thanks Radical,
David’s Email?

Hi Paul, I hope this helps.
11666-MB2-000 $4.64 USD
91303-MB2-004 $1.62 USD
19300-MB0_003 $28.57 USD

David Silver is showing that they are discontinued stock nill available.
Looks like i may have to make the gasket and a bit of sealant on the 'O’ring.
The 'O’ring is in one piece but the gasket tore in half when i removed the cover.


See, there I go again, at least the thermostat is available!

I found a gasket at Action motorcycles at Parramatta.
going to pick it up today.
its a start.

Gasket supercedes to this part number, seems to be in stock, but would be worth checking first

Too slow again!

Good to see Action M/C decided to answer their phone at last!

Mate, it was driving me MAD.
I cant believe they had a gasket there from a back order made in 2006.
I will reuse the elongated ‘O’ ring with a little bit of rubber grease.
All other 'O’rings and the 2 shaft seals cost $10.00 from CBC (so cheap).
I am so stoked. The ‘HO’ will be back on the road again real soon and ready for some tests before Phillip Island.

Sounds good - mine’s still sitting fairingless but otherwise ready to roll. I was going to suggest Hawkesbury Honda might be worth a call. They’ve been round since the 70s - you never know… is very handy

Dear Sir,
We can supply part number 11666MB2000 at £7.54 and 19300MB0003 at £36.50. Delivery will be £10.00 to Australia.
Please go to WWW.DAVIDSILVERSPARES.CO.UK/QUOTE and use estimate number 192805 if you wish to order these parts.
We cannot source 91303MB2004 at present.