Noise when easing up the gas

not yet a VF1000R owner but in shopping mode and test drove two bikes to find “the one” this week.
What i noticed with both bikes was that both motors sounded basically healthy but when riding and easing up the gas (without operating the clutch) there was kind of a noticable noise going on that i’m not used to when riding bikes from the same era. As the camshift seems to be a common problem (although both bikes are from 1985/ 86): In case there is a problem could it be that you can hear it?
thx for your thoughts.

If it was a cam noise you would know all about it and it would be there all the time.
Noises are almost impossible to diagnose without actually hearing them.

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I think I read in a contemporaneous review of the machine that the clutch design is such that if the engine cuts suddenly, the back wheel won’t lock, even if the clutch lever isn’t pulled in.

  • Bif, am I correct with that?

3 of the 9 friction plates are mounted on a one way bearing to eliminate lock up on a fast downshift