Noisey when starting cold

Hi fellow riders.

This is my 1st post, great site, I’ve just purchased a VF1000F that’s been sitting for about five years & have just been over it servicing tyres etc. we found it was only firing on the front 2 cylinders the fix was spark igniter, runs well now except for a rattle in the front top of the engine when cold, goes away when warmed up. I’m thinking a loose cam chain maybe, any ideas?

sorry it’s the rear cylinders that are noisey not the front two, these were the ones that hadn’t been firing,

Might be cam-chain - they’re always worth checking, but as your rattle decreases when the engine warms up, it’s probably valve clearances…



Thanks Miti, will check it out, was one of the next on my list to check, good to get second opinion.

Hope the cam/rockers are ok, the rear cylinder cams seems to go first if the surface hardening fails. May even be a sticky tensioner on the rear pot?

Thanks Scatcher I was talking to a bloke at the pub last night who works for local Honda dealer & he said exactly the same thing on both counts.