Noisy Rattle Questions VF1000 F 1984

The noisy tick became more of a knock ( front right hand side of the engine ) and warranted more investigation, all the info on the forum pointed toward cams , cam followers, cam chains etc so we were surprised to find all of the said items looking very good with little signs of wear ( certainly not enough for the noise heard ) so we delved a little further and removed the front cylinder head whilst the engine was in the frame. Low and behold we can see some slight shiny marks on the inside of the head and the R/H piston has movement ( approx. 2-4 mm) up and down. Left hand seems fine. Drained oil and no obvious metal filing coming out, maybe caught it just in time. Unsure of previous history and engine KLMs, all looked to be in reasonable condition when I started the project last year.

Going to get the motor out of the frame today and will have to strip to see what damage is done to what seems like a big end issue. Bugger really as I had most of the rest of the bike completed thinking I would only need to do some top end work to stop the then quieter ticking.

Does anyone know if compete engine gasket kits are available in Australia? I have found some in the UK and France, or individually from CMSNL ( price prohibitive )

Are big end failures a thing with this cam chain type engine?

Any comments reply’s as to watch out for when doing this work appreciated.

TIA… Tony

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Try Was in another post on this forum. I purchased rings and gasket set. I live at Gold Coast Aus.
Cheers Eric

I got some rings off him and they seem to be great though I’ve only done 200 miles since rebuild but the price was very good and I’ve had stuff off him for other bikes and had no problems.

Ive just rebuilt my F2 motor with a gasket set from He lists two gasket sets, the dearer one has the rocker gaskets with the Half moon bits on for the FF, FG , RF,RG and F2F,F2G.

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Hi Tony, I done a full engine build on my vf last year, I had the rods honed out to accept an acl bearing that you can get in different undersizes, and had the crank ground to suit, wasn’t cheap but is going great, cheers tony from vic

thanks every one , checked out the site, looks like they have most that I need, was the postage expensive or slow?

cheers Tony

No, I cant remember exactly how long but it was quicker than I expected, I bought the rings via Ebay rather than his own site so postage was included in the price.

Thanks , trying to get the motor to pieces to inspect the damage now…wish me luck

Hi Tony, just a suggestion for the future that you may or may not know about. Use a stethoscope to check for noises and were they are coming from. If you haven’t got a stethoscope a long screwdriver works just as well, blade on the motor, ear on the end of the handle. The louder the noise the closer you are to the problem. You should be able to pick up a stethoscope from an auto shop. Repco or Supercheap etc. I used a screwdriver for many years before finally upgrading to a stethoscope when my hearing started to go.

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Thanks will have a look ton see what’s available, i did use a screw driver to get me to where I am now, just sounded the same top and bottom of the motor.

never mind , I’m sure I’m closer to getting it sorted now.