Normal temp gauge position when running

Good Evening, learned collective.

This is more of a general query than a problem.

When out for a ride, the temp gauge doesn’t get any further around the dial than about a needle’s width from the lower stop.

When running but stationary, the needle moves slightly further around the dial, maybe 3 needles width from the bottom, but fluctuates with a change of rpm. Blip the throttle and the needle drops as the revs increase.

This can’t be normal behaviour, surely?

If this is not normal, what would be a good sequence of events for trouble shooting?


Worth bleeding your cooling system,mine had similar symptoms and had air trapped in it

Thanks, Biff. I can’t believe that I never thought of something so simple :persevere:

If it doesn’t help… The meter is connected to 12V (ignition), GND and the NTC (resistor) that is also connected to GND.

Flickering on rpm can be problems in generator or regulator. Or some loose connection.

Thanks, Faxe.

When the throttle is blipped, the temp gauge drops, almost like the water flow rate increases through the rad. The fuel gauge doesn’t move.

Hi chris, mine was similar after rebuild, l removed the screw at the thermostat and bled a bit through and after that was all good

Thanks Tony.

It had a new thermostat, temp sender and fan switch during the resto, so it does sound likely that there’s air in the system.