Hello, new to the forum. Spent the day working on my ‘other’ bike, and just been trawling the net looking for bits for it, and wondering just how much of a labour of love restoring my VF-tough gonna-be, having pulled some mits out of the shed! It is NOT a pretty site.
I rode the bike from Summer '97 to Summer 2001 as my daily ride, when marriage and a knocking little end saw her garaged until funds allowed me to sort her… ten years on and the bank-balence has NEVER recovered… but that’s getting ahead of myself.
In the summer of 2004, I lost the lock-up she was stored in, and sat under a cover by the back-door I put jump leads from a car battery on her and cranked her over… she started and ran, roughly, with that little end making a heck of a racket… so I hit the kill switch and scratched my head, for a bit.
And after a little thought decided to pull the motor and see if I could dig-down and do something about the knock…
Motor came out, and the front head was lifted, and THAT was about as far as I got, before divorse brought proceedings to a halt.
all parts were neatly stored in big plastic staka-boxed, and the motor supported on blocks on a piece of old kitchen work-surface…
The whole kit & cabootle was then shifted from pillar to post for a few years as houses were sold and the like, until it wound up, about three years ago in the shed at the bottom of the garden.
And after apraisal of what was by THEN needed, by way of new fork stansions, chain, sprokets, battery, exhaust, and the engine rebuild…
I bought the CB750Retro, as an interim ‘rider’… until I could get a garage up to work on the Vf properly…
Still not sorted that one, but hunting round the garden had me poking in the shed, and discovering that the taprs that had been put over all the boxes when the little bludger next door had decided to climb on teh shed roof and put a hole in it… had dissintegrated, and for an inditurminate amount of time, ALL the bits, so carefully sorted had been sitting in the rain-water that had collected in the plastic staka-boxes!
This will be an EVEN bigger job than ever to sort out now… but hey ho… will Novemba-Pappa-Yankie ever ride again?
We’ll wait and see. I have the job or a marine archeologist to do to identify all the bits to begin with!
However, in the mean-time, as a contribution to the forum, thought you might apreciate this link:-
The blog of my bike on my webby, and the owners report I wrote for it for UBG back at the turn of the millenium, which they published.

OK, try this:-
(wouldn’t let me edit!)
Oh & Photo of it in its ‘Glory-Days’!

enjoyed reading that,Good luck with the resto

Great Read, you will definitely have to get the marine archeologists in to start on the bike part recovery!

Hiya Mike…Christ you’ve got a job on there !..Plenty of help on here though if you shout up.

Whereabouts in the UK are you then?


Bif…this “log-on” business for me…bloody hard work…logging in my old name automatically now and wont recognise my new names log-in password. Oh vey ! See how it goes for now but at least I can get on here…[8D]