Odd neutral light behaviour

My 1000FF has developed a bit of an odd behaviour.

When the clutch is pulled in, irrespective of whether it is in neutral or not, the neutral light comes on.

So when you turn the key, it comes on and when you start the bike all is normal.

Then you select first with the clutch in and the neutral light stays on.

When you let the clutch out with it in gear, the neutral light goes out.

I thought it might be something odd with the clutch switch, but it seems OK.

Sound familiar to anyone?


You’ll have an after market starter solenoid, i have two bikes that do this. Haven’t bothered to work out how to wire them so it doesn’t do it properly yet, but soon as i do i’ll let you know.

Others have dealt with this issue too, i am sure they’ll chip in shortly.

@atassiedevil: Spot on mate!

I got the David Silvers one that has the integrated 30 amp blade type fuse instead of the odd OEM one.

That is most odd, how does the started solenoid affect the neutral light function?

Figured it out.

Because of the new starter relay, 2 of the connections are reversed (It doesn’t matter in practice as they are for the main fuse, i’d expect.) there’s a diode in the loom to prevent power looping back from the starter circuit to the neutral light.

When you pull the clutch in, normally it would circuit to earth, but isn’t. See the silicon rectifier in the middle of the diagram? That’s now running in reverse. I’d say if it’s reversed again the issue will go away. Either that or i’ll look how the starter solenoid connector needs to be wired differently to it to remove this happening.

More than likely the 2 connections across the fuse simply need to be reversed. I’m going to buzz it out with a meter before i recommend you do so though!


Thanks mate, you’re a star!

Would be nice to have a properly functioning neutral light again.

Hey @atassiedevil,
did you ever get around to reversing those wires?

Just asking as I have mine asunder sorting out ignition issues.

Not yet…Working on collector boxes at the moment.
Soon as i do i will let you know!

Cheers mate.

Bit of a development here.

In hunting down other issues, I decided to go back to the original starter relay to eliminate variables.

However, the odd neutral light behaviour persists, even with the original item back in place.

Most odd.