Odd VR1000 model?

Hi guys, Newbie here for VF’s, more Blackbirds and 5th VFR’s. But I’m looking at a bike that seems to be part VF1000 and part VF1000R… The weird thing is that it looks legit, but I can’t find history about it. There’s a pic here. The bodywork is VF, but it says ‘R’ on the body and also ‘Cam gear drive’. Am I missing something? Thought I’d ask the pro’s…
TIA for any help!

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This looks like a California model FE,from the paint combination and the cast wheels,but it may have an R motor installed.
Check the engine number SC15 for an F and SC16 for an R.

Thanks bif - it is in Canada - the decals look factory, maybe a cross over model - Honda did that with Blackbirds. It’s a claimed 1985 model - I’ll check with the seller. Thanks for the info!

The Honda wing sticker on the tank seems to be a (not so good) reproduction.

It seems to be a VF1000F where somebody “updated” it with a paint job. You can buy the cam gear drive sticker in different sources on the internet.

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Thanks Faxe! That might explain the white infill beneath the saddle, where the ‘V’ of the frame is - there’s an extra piece I haven’t seen before. Appreciate the input!
Got a pic sent of the tank area.VF1000_2

The “R” engine has reversed shifting order. To have the first gear “down” it is proper installed for “F” engine. Otherwise the mounting on the shifting shaft needed to be “upsidedown”

The more details I see the worse it gets.They sprayed the complete engine (without disassembling anything?) in black :roll_eyes: Looks like even the cooling lines, hydraulic clutch cable and all bolts are painted.

I wish you luck with that bike. I guess you need it.


Edit: https://honda-decals.com/ has stickers for VF series. looks like it could be from there …

vf1000rfullset.gif (400×258) (honda-decals.com)

Thanks again - I didn’t buy it. I learned not to buy old bikes unless you know what you’re getting into. Input here means I’ll be walking the other way!


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That’s a wise decission. It looked to me, it was made shiny with lowest effort possible.