Oddball Frame Number

Hi, guys,

A contact on a different forum has obtained a VF with a strange frame number:


I can’t find it on any listing, so I told him I’d ask the experts.

Can anybody identify the model number from that frame number? If it’s any help it’s registered in the UK on a ‘J’ plate, but has no V5, apparently.

Could it be an import that just happened to be first registered in the UK in 1990?

Thanks for your help.

According to the honda parts book the frame belongs to a VF1000F2f (BOLD’OR) and could be English.
It looks like all countries F2f’s started with that frame number sequence (40000001)
English release had VD86E Carbies on.

Thanks, John. I’ll pass that on.


It’s the same for VF 500 F / F2

F is PC12-2…
F2 is PC12-4…

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