Official VF1000.COM Riders Playlist

Picture this scene in the eye of your mind :


You step outside on a glorious Summer day resplendent in new leathers and high vis vest. Your pristine VF and a weekend of the best riding roads in the country awaits you. You jump on, pull on your bluetooth enabled lid, turn the ignition and hit the roads…

The question is - which tunes must you have playing to complete this idyllic scenario? What is your perfect accompaniment to that sweet V-FOUR throb? :thinking:

:headphones: :musical_note:

Reply to this thread with TWO songs that are a must have for your perfect VF riding playlist - myself and @bif will give them a listen and compile the best songs into a public Spotify playlist for all Owners to enjoy… :star_struck:


P.S. VF1000.COM in no way endorses listening to music whilst operating a motorcycle… :rofl:

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Black by Pearl Jam for serious chilling and Thunderstruck by ac/dc for getting a serious move on

AC/DC ride on for mellow riding and motorhead iron horse (born to lose) but it has to be the slow version from on parole, it may be the sound of a v twin but I forgive them.

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  1. george thorogood one bourbon one scotch one beer
  2. Pink Floyd - Another Brick In The Wall
  3. Amii Stewart - Knock On Wood
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(1) Iron Man - Sabbath
(2) Paranoid - Sabbath
(3) Sand Man - Metallica


Depeche Mode - Everything counts
Ram Jam - Black Betty


Ronnie Allen Juvenile Delinquent (That’s what I’m still in my head because, you know, I’m still 16!)
Dr Feelgood Don’t you just know it?
T Rex I love to boogie
Leroy Troy Ghost chickens in the sky (well, when I’m hungry!)


Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus
The Clash - London Calling

I could name 50 more :grin:


Burn - Deep Purple

Under My Wheels - Alice Cooper

Anybody mentioned Born to be Wild - Steppen Wolf or Radar Love - Golden Earring yet?

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That’s true for all of us …

Although DM was my favourite band in my youth, I prefer the Johnny Cash version of Personal Jesus

Also great:
Markus - Ich will Spaß

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Eat the Lunch You Brought - Janiva Magness
Get Up - Tommy Castro

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I feel the earth move. Carol king
Stairway to heaven. led zeppelin

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Thanks for all the tunes! Here is the link to the playlist


Great playlist. Enjoyed it all. :+1: :+1: :+1:


I have to say a more eclectic mix than I expected from a group of men(mostly)of a certain age.
Thanks Pete,for the addition of James in particular,the soundtrack of many an enjoyable evening in the garage