OH NO! WE HAVE NO VF1000FE Rocker shafts.

Hi all, It’s panic time!
I’ve come to a standstill with the engine work on the VF, due to the lack of rocker shafts for one of the heads, which for some reason has had them removed previously. Long John(Silvers) has none, nor does CMSL. Does anyone have a spare set(4) of rocker shafts I could buy or perhaps a knackered head with good shafts still in it? I would be very grateful if someone could help me out as the FE rocker shafts are different to later models and therefore not interchangeable with later ones. I have some other surplus spares that may be of use as a swap if it helps?

Hi Scratcher, try contacting Kurt. He’s a contact I have made as a guru on sabres, magna’s and interceptors. Is in the states but it may be your only option? His email address is GONE14S@aol.com

Please mention that Ian Kenyon in Spain sent you. Good luck!


I might have some, got four engines in bits and just bought another, all sc15, you can email me direct philljones61@talktalk.net Phil.

Thanks all. I’ve found some new uns in the states, so panic is over! It’s nice to know there are people out there willing to offer help/assistance when the cry goes out. Much appreciated guys.