Oil filler flap dimensions

Hi does anybody [bif] know if the oil filler flap on the F2F is the same as on the RE? After a very slow speed and embarrassing crash yesterday I need to replace mine and there is one on Ebay for an F2F that looks identical except the colour. The one I have is home made from aluminium so can’t rely on its dimensions to be exact, I will make another one if they are different.

Hi Gary, I’m pretty sure they are the same size but the tag which holds the bottom in is at a slightly different angle because one fits closer to the curve of the fairing,
I’m pretty sure I have an re one you can borrow/use to make a copy of, I can post it down to you if you like…

Thanks Pete, I’ll try and make one using the old one as a pattern when I’m back in work though it took the brunt of the fall and is badly damaged. If I can’t use it I’ll let you know on Friday. Managed to get a fairing subframe cheaply from huddersfield as the one i had was bent when i got it and was never right so would be too difficult to bend straight. £35 was a good price i thought and i may be able to fit all the mounting bolts in the fairing now as i could not get one of the front ones to fit in the old subframe.