Oil gallery plug

Hi guys, final touches on my engine rebuild, just wondering how tight a fit should be on the oil gallery plug on the end of the mains, how much pressure builds up in there?, cheers Tony

Hi tony, the oil system pressurises to 75psi at 5000 rev’s, then the oil relief valve opens, the oil gallery plug shouldn’t blow out as there is a lug on the crank case cover that holds it in position.

Thanks Pete, Is that the protusion inside the cover with the plastic cap about 8mm in diameter? I was thinking it could be tragic if the plug come out!!!

I thought the same first time I pulled the plug out, it’s actually the one lower down that lines up with the oil gallery plug.
Hope all goes well on first start up :+1:


Right, yes I hope so too, thanks pete

77PSI + or - 10, at 5000 RPM