Oil mod.

just fitting my oil mod kit and I have a question for those that have already done it

How did you remove spigot that the original oil filter screws On to?

It looks like it could be awkward to get any leverage on it.

Hi when I fitted mine I removed the centre spigot with a set of pipe grips it came out ok but was tight to unscrew as it had been thread locked, I fitted the new one and used engineers thread seal to ensure it was a good fit and oil tight

Well it is out.

It is certainly the point of no return with the oil mod. The threads on the spigot are toast.

Just need to fit everything, refit the carbs and modify the fuel pump relay cabling.

Then prep for mot and new tyres.

Got it fitted and the oil filter won’t go on, it fouls against the exhaust pipe. The filter is the K&N 303.

It looks like the spigot is maybe to long.

Have left Alan a voice mail, just waiting for a call back.

it has to be the small filter, the standard one will not fit without hitting

I have the shorter one, it came with the kit.

It is fitted with a minor modification.

I have the shorter filter but it just wouldn’t go on. So I have shortened the spigot by about 2mm. All back together and filter fits fine.

Just need some new oil and then turn it over to check for oil coming out of the end of the line and then swap them over.

Mine is a late FF and I am wondering if the exhaust down pipe is a slightly different shape?

No messages on my phone mate,Never ever had one that fouls the pipes,Mine were all FF models.Sold loads of kits now and they always fit.Std front pipes and collector box still?.The 303 oil filter is the correct one so i cant understand why it didnt fit.Anything you need just ring me at work on 01908 281287.I cant always get to the phone if i am machining tight tolerance parts but leave your number and i WILL call back.Anything i can do to help i will do.I will clear the system at work incase the answer machine is full.

Well everything is fitted and the engine spins over nicely.

Carbs to fit next. Just waiting on new o rings to replace the float bowl gaskets.

I now have a running fuel pump, I have modified it to run a standard relay as per the mod on here.

I will fill the tank with Aspen4 fuel.

Shortest filter I found was a Ryco Z436 (HE). In my experience nothing else will fit the F2 Bol D’or due to even tighter clearance than the F models.

Well after much deliberation about the oil lines and after talking to a mate who rebuilds engines, I have swapped them out for the -4AN ones I have.

Pulled the plate off and fitted the -4AN straight and right angle adaptor. Fitted the new lines and everything is back together.

The concern about going to -4AN was that it could starve the bottom end, but we came to the conclusion that the restriction at the banjo bolt and the size of the feeds to the bearing would limit flow and may even increase pressure.

hi humph,

hope all goes well with the -4 oil lines, i suppose the thing to do (and what i should have done when i had the -4 fitted to the project bike) is get the engine up to temp and check the oil pressure…

The carbs are connected, just have to wrestle them onto the rubbers tomorrow.

If all goes well I should also get it running tomorrow. Petrol tank has Aspen4 in it ready to go.

Well it runs ish.

Primed the carbs and took the tank back off, started third go.

Have two problems, the first is the throttle is stiff, it was fine before everything was tightened up. The second is one slide on the carbs is pulsating and the other three are steady, is this likely to be something like a split diaphragm?

hi humph,

its a pretty complicated throttle linkage on the vf carbs, if you have removed and replaced the aluminium plate from the carbs while they are still attached to the bike its a good chance that the linkage has twisted slightly out of line, i think your best bet is to re-assemble the carbs onto the ally plate off of the bike, then when your happy they are all moving freely and snapping shut properly, fix the throttle cable and the whole assembly to the bike.

For some reason my vf doesn’t like running with the airbox off but, on the odd occasions ive done it i seem to remember all my slides pulsating a little at low revs,

Well that’s the throttle sorted. Took the carbs out and now everything is nice and free. Carbs went back in easy.

The air box seems a tight fit? It is so long since I took it apart that I can’t remember.

Just have the trumpets in boiling water to get them back in the right shape.

Well everything is back together. Bike runs, but only on choke, once warm with choke of it stalls.

Any ideas before it all comes apart again. Have tried adjusting the idle.

My Bol did the same after I had the carbs back off to sort the flooding problem it had.
It totaly pickled my brain but turned out to be the throttle stop being too far wound in even though I had it all set up on the bench beforehand.
try backing it off as the engine warms up
Regards Bif

the only thing i can think of beyond what bif has suggested is, an air leak on the manifold rubbers, or maybe the pilot screws not adjusted properly (Thats if you have had them out)