Oil strainer maintenance frequency

Hello fellow VF owners, I have a VF1000RE and was wondering if the oil strainer in the oil pan near the oil pump ever needs cleaning / changing as I cannot find mention of it in any service schedules.
Also can it be done with engine in situ?
Thanks in advance for any help.

Hi fry,
I dont think there is anything in the service manual regarding cleaning the oil pump pick up, personally myself, I always inspect and clean it on any new vf I’ve bought, especially if its had a number of owners, its surprising what you find stuck in them, normally loads of masserated up gasket seal, the odd washer and a piece of hacksaw blade…I also clean the pick up about 400miles after rebuilding any engine.
You can do it with the engine in the frame, just remove the exhaust collector box and sump :+1:

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Thanks Pete will add it to my job list

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Fry1980 As a guy who has had over a dozen of these bikes I agree with Pete though somewhere I remember reading like ever 4-5 oil changes you should remove the screen fro the oil pump + thoroughly clean it . You will need to purchase one rubber grommet / seal for the pick-up pipe from either your HONDA dealer or cmsnl.com . As well you will need a new oil pan gasket again available still from HONDA I believe or try cms too . Well worth doing it , using minimally semi-synthetic oil like Motul 5100 + even going so far as to get a decent aftermarket stainless oil line reroute kit . Though Dave Dodge in USA makes a decent one for $250 US there is a chap here in eastern Canada that sells the same one for a mere $250 Canadian + is even closer to you though on my side of the Pond ( eastern Canada ( New Brunswick) ) . Hope this all helps you . If you need any parts too please feel free to PM me , I have tons. Cheers